Are you a researcher?

Extensio can help you scale and evaluate your impact.

Through mobile communication, we provide a scalable, inclusive and cost-effective service to disseminate your best practices to thousands of farmers at the right moment to make their decisions, and evaluate the impact and results of your best practices in the field .

In support to field interventions, Extensio acts as a digital field agent.


How does it work? - MasAgro Móvil

  • Client: The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMyT)
  • Annual project since 2015, benefiting over 11,500 farmers in 20 Mexican states.
  • Objective: increase the yields of maize farmers in the country through the adoption of sustainable agriculture best practices.
  • The program consists of a free mobile service for farmers and field engineers, providing weekly information to support decision making: weather alerts and best agricultural practices. The content catalog has been developed by Extensio's Research Lab together with the support of CIMMyT researchers.
  • 97% of the users interviewed in 2017 expressed their desire to continue receiving the program and 76% declared having shared the information with three other farmers.