Are you an agricultural business?

We can support you in managing your volume of supply, sales and relationship with your farmers.

Through mobile communication, Extensio provides agri-busiensses, input vendors and suppliers of credit and insurance to farmers with a scalable, inclusive and cost-effective service to disseminate their best practices and information, create a two-way communication with the field and collect information.

In support of field interventions, Extensio acts as a digital field agent.

How does it work? - Conecta Modelo

  • Client: Grupo Modelo / AB InBev
  • Crop: Barley
  • Scope: Annual program since 2016, 2,000 farmers in 10 Mexican states.
  • Objective: increase the quality and volume of the barley supply to reduce production costs.
  • Program: weekly personalized support to the farmers during the production cycle with weather forecasts, recommendation of best productive practices and market information (purchase price, availability and recommendation of supplies); content developed by Extensio in association with the Agri-Business team of Grupo Modelo.
  • Technology: Text messages (SMS) and telephone surveys.