We are a digital field agent

Through mobile innovation, we provide useful and timely information to farmers and field engineers: weather and pest alerts, best agricultural practices, value chain information.

We work with agri-research centers and businesses and we make sure that their information reaches the farmers and that the farmers's feedback is taken into account for the development of new content.

In addition to existing field interventions, our service is scalable, inclusive and cost effective.

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Are you a farmer?

Do you want to receive information for your type of crop every week, directly in your phone?

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Are you an agrobusiness?

Do you want to establish a constant communication with your farmers to manage the quality and quantity of your supply? 

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Are you a researcher?

Do you want to amplify the reach of your research and measure its results in the field?  

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Since 2016, we have worked with over 13,000 farmers in 20 Mexican states, each representing a household. 76% of our users share the information received with three other farmers.


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